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Nathan FairhurstNathan Fairhurst's Blog
Posted: 2007-01-03, 07:09AM GMT
Well, I have a problem. I can't stop updating things in the Crush Store. You might see little things change every now and then. Sometimes even while you're browsing the store. That's me, editing the store and eating marshmallows. Mmm... Marshmallows... By the way Michael got did a one million point trick in Tony Hawk Underground. It was pretty cool. I was updating the site while he did it.
Posted: 2007-01-03, 03:35AM GMT
Hey guys, so here goes my first blog on the new site! Yesterday Jon and I worked on updating the store and that ended up turning out really great. It took a lot of time analyzing code and figuring stuff out, but man it paid off. I've been meaning to do this forever and finally just decided to do it--and dragged around my dad for the ride.

As I type this I'm trying to get the Colonel Crush 3 trailer up on the store as a free download. Right now the quicktime and windows media player formats are driving me nuts! The iPod format looks great though. Hopefully I'll get that up soon.

I'm just about ready to get back to editing Colonel Crush 3--ah! The deadline approaches! It will come out on time though, I promise. More updates on that later.
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